Amenities of a Larger Church Building

There are many reasons to choose a larger building for a wedding ceremony, but it is ultimately up to the bride and groom. More room in the main church area is important, but some couples invite only close friends and relatives. Larger wedding parties cannot be accommodated if there is not enough seating, but church officials handling the arrangements will be able to tell the couple how many people are allowed to attend the wedding service.

While the actual marriage ceremony is the main event, there are other reasons to select a larger church. Because it is considered bad luck to see each other before the ceremony, the bride and groom must arrive separately. Larger churches have an area where the groom and his best man wait. The bride and her attendants are generally given a larger room of their own.

The bride’s waiting room is specifically designed for her needs in many larger churches. It contains a full-length mirror, seating for her and her attendants and it is near the entrance to the main church area where the ceremony will be performed. Many brides are concerned about their looks as they prepare for their ceremony, and a wedding makeup artist or hair stylist can be on hand in her special room for last minute touch-ups.

As she waits, the bride will be able to hear the music of the wedding violinist entertaining guests as they arrive. Older and larger churches offer many musical choices to the couple, and this includes an organ. For couples who like a different type of musical accompaniment, such as jazz, there is also room in the organ loft for a wedding saxophonist, cellist or guitarist for modern weddings. Once the guests and the groom are in place, the bride will hear the music stop and know it is her cue to walk down the aisle.